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Hello and welcome to Mike's Midi Lounge!  To listen to a .mid file, simply click on the title.  To save a .mid file, right click on the title then choose "Save Target As" and choose a folder in your computer to save the sounds.

Some of these files are REALLY good and some are real stinkers... some you just have to give them a while before they start jamming, so give them a chance, especially Duel from Electric Dreams.  I am not offering "artists" credits as I didn't write them all down when I was snagging them, so please forgive!

IncrediMail Users... You will find instructions on making your .imf files auto-play below!

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Auto-Play Instructions

Here are instructions on how to make your sounds begin playing when your email recipients open your emails. 

1. Make a dummy email by going to "New Mail".

2. Choose the sound which you want to make "auto-play"

3. Close the dummy email by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner.  When asked if you want to save the document, click on "Yes" and it will be saved in the "Drafts" folder.

4. Click on "New Mail" again and right click on the sound that you used for the dummy email.  Choose "Delete"... that's right, trust me!  Now close the window and if given the option to save, choose "No".

5. Click on "Drafts" and only single click on the subject line of your dummy email.  You do NOT want to open this document for editing.

6. Click on the speaker in your dummy email.

7. While the sound is playing, click on the "New" icon in the upper right corner of the document's window and click on "Add Sound".

To check if you did everything correctly, open the dummy email, choose no sound then select your new auto-play sound from the "My Collection" folder.  Close and save it once again and go to your drafts folder.  Single click on the subject line for the dummy email and it should begin to play automatically.

Your sound file is now an "Auto-Play" file and will have a star beside it's name in your "My Collection" folder.  You should create a new folder in your style box for these files by right clicking inside the folder area of your sound style box and click on "New".  Type a name for this folder and hit enter.  Simply click and hold on the sound and drag it into your new "Auto-Play" folder.